How Green Manufacturing Has Affected the Industry

There was a time when the manufacturing industry was never viewed as green or environmentally-friendly. In some ways, it was an oxymoron because of historical issues with pollution and poor air quality in manufacturing. Although it’s not perfect, things have changed as a result of green manufacturing practices. Below you’ll find information regarding how green manufacturing has significantly affected the industry.

Waste Reduction

In the world of green manufacturing, the phrase ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ is used often. It’s known as the 3Rs and is about how to find ways to use trash before it’s recycled. Use of the 3Rs in manufacturing environments has made a tremendous difference in refining processes and eliminating waste. Perhaps more importantly for some leaders, it has impacted bottom-line results, which is always a priority.

Energy-Efficient Facilities

Reducing energy consumption in manufacturing environments is also a constant focus. That’s because making even minor adjustments can often have a significant impact. Some companies have chosen to move their operations to facilities that can support green initiatives. This will sometimes include the use of wind and solar power. Other companies are unwilling to make such a drastic move and simply use machines that are more energy-efficient throughout their facility.

Green Job Opportunities

There are a good number of professionals that are committed to finding green jobs. For some, it’s a commitment that will not be compromised. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of green jobs in manufacturing, such as electrical engineers, production supervisors and product engineers. These are professionals that can help to advance green initiatives for their employer.

Streamlined Production

Lean manufacturing has become more of a standard than ever before. In fact, it’s necessary to compete in the marketplace. Notably, lean principles in manufacturing have been incorporated for several decades. What’s changed in recent years is a much more concentrated focus on boosting efficiency to help the environment. In decades past, the focus was on speed for the purpose of cost reduction without much concern for the environment.

Greener Materials

There was a time when there was no such thing as biodegradable plastic, but that’s no longer the case. There are far more options in manufacturing for the types of materials that can be used. Some manufacturers have chosen to implement robust recycling practices as part of their standard operating procedures.

Technology has provided far more opportunities than what has existed in the past when it comes to green manufacturing. There is a constant evolution of what’s possible and how it can support manufacturing companies in decreasing their production costs and boosting profits. With constant innovation, the methods used in green manufacturing will continually expand.

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