How to Keep Your Asphalt Looking Like New

The advantages of having asphalt installed are numerous. In fact, it doesn’t crack or flake like other materials. It’s easy to repair and is beneficial in the winter because snow and ice melt off of it quickly. If you’re going to salt your driveway, you don’t need to worry about asphalt becoming damaged from the substance the way that concrete does.


Here is how to keep your asphalt looking like new:


  • Have it seal coated two years after installation. This action prevents harmful UV rays from damaging the base layer. It does its part to keep cracks and potholes from developing, too. This process helps keep long-term costs low, prevents oil and chemical spills from staining areas of the pavement, helps a business or home look its best, and provides a way to protect the investment you made initially.
  • Fill in cracks right away. Taking care of the issue before it worsens is advisable. It’s a simple process that consists of a few steps. It’s imperative to keep vehicles away from the area while it dries because tires can cause surface damage to worsen wherever cracks are present. Once dried, you’ll barely even notice where the cracks were at originally. Doing this regularly helps maintain the new appearance of the asphalt that was installed.
  • Clean potholes of debris and patch them. The pothole is easier to fill when there isn’t sticks, rocks or dead leaves present in it. Once the area has been repaired, it needs time to dry completely, so make sure to cordon the area off. A properly filled pothole prevents further damage from occurring in the driveway or parking lot.
  • Survey the asphalt regularly for new damage. If you’re constantly checking the driveway or parking lot for cracks and potholes, you’ll discover them quickly. You won’t take a chance on the problem areas worsening due to neglect. Make it a point to do the rounds and check the entire surface area of the driveway or parking lot. If you need to report your findings to someone else, do so right away as many people are extremely busy during certain times of the year.

Keep your asphalt looking like new for longer by following the tips listed above. Doing so helps you maintain the value of your property better. It prevents you from needing to pave things prematurely, too, which helps you save money.


As a business owner or homeowner, major repairs like this add up in cost quickly. An ounce of prevention preserves the contents of your bank account. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t sustain unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicles, either, as a result of your damaged asphalt.

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