How to Keep your Child Happy During a Custody Issue

Divorce is not a good situation to be in at all. Nobody gets married just divorce their spouse. Kids of married people really don’t like to be in this situation. They know that they are going to be separated between two parents because of custody issues. Parents if you’re going through a custody issue then it is important that you keep your child happy as possible through this process.

1.Cooperate with your Ex Spouse as Much as Possible

Most parents really want to please their kids. They want them to be happy and to live the best life possible. However, parents sometimes get it wrong. A divorcee that wants to keep their kids away from their former spouse is not using good judgement. Kids should have access to two both parents. Unless the former spouse is psychotic, an abuser or a person with very bad character; a child should not be stopped from seeing their mom and dad. VeryWell Family encourages moms and dads to cooperate on this issue. Sometimes, both parties will have to make an allowance for their kids.

2.Focus on your Child’s Best Intention

Findlaw informs us that courts will focus on the best interest of a child when it comes to custody issues. As a caretaker your child’s “best interest” should be a top priority during a custody hearing. Mom you can’t keep your children away from your dad just because he cheated. Dad you can’t keep your child away from mom just because she’s a manipulative female who lied about spending up all your money. All parents have some type of problem and you should not punish your child because of their shortcomings. Your problems are not your child’s fault. Having continuous access to mom and dad will make them happy.

3.Do you want your Child to have the Best Life

Being a good parent means giving your child the best life possible. One way this happens is by having both parents around. Statistics prove that children do better when they have both parents. No couple should want to keep the other person out of their kid’s life.

4.Help your Child to Adjust

Your child doesn’t like being involved in a custody battle. So, you should make this situation bearable for them. Just make sure that you are not picking fights, acting foolishly or compromising your yourself or your child. Give them support and let them know that things will be okay despite what is going wrong. This will make them happy and let them know they can get through this situation.

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