How To Use Instagram Stories To Boost Your Business

Social media marketing has become an effective promotion strategy for many businesses. Instagram, in particular, has become a business-friendly platform where brands can display pictures of their products as stories or posts. Since millions of people are on this platform, many businesses have generated a lot of sales from promoting themselves this way. Here is how to use Instagram Stories to boost your business.

1. Create a Shoppable Story
For a long time, businesses needed to depend on including links to their bios to drive the audience to product landing pages. Due to the many additional steps involved, the efficiency was low. But the recent shoppable stories have enabled businesses to get more sales. Shoppable stories allow you to tag products in a picture. When a follower clicks on the tag, it takes them to a landing page where they can buy your product. This feature has minimal friction compared to having a link on your bio.
2. Run a Poll
Running polls on Instagram stories is an ideal way of driving engagement. Unlike a shoppable story, running a survey will not directly generate sales. However, it will create interest in your followers. Polls can triple your story’s engagement metrics. This is because they are straightforward, and a user only has to click on one option to participate. At the same time, users can see how other individuals have voted. You can combine the feature with a call to action where a user can swipe up the story to get more information.
3. Reveal Testimonials
Testimonials are an ideal way of increasing the credibility of your services, products, and brand. Research shows that 92 percent of consumers use testimonials when deciding on a purchase. Moreover, 88 percent of them trust testimonials the same way they would trust a friend’s recommendation. What’s more, 72 percent of consumers claim they trust a brand more after seeing a positive testimonial about it. Adding a testimonial to your story will increase your likelihood of increasing sales.
4. Use Influencers
Influencers are ideal for increasing the credibility of your products and brand. When followers see a promotion from an individual they trust, they are likely to follow their recommendation. This works by having influencers promote your products and brand on their stories. This strategy will assist your brand in expanding its reach. This increased exposure will offer you a better chance of obtaining more followers and increasing website traffic. Both metrics will assist in driving sales.

Instagram has a low marketing cost and a high return on investment. That is why you should use Instagram Stories by partnering with influencers, showing testimonials, running polls, and creating shoppable stories.

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