How Young is Too Young for a Kid to Get a Phone?

Are you thinking about getting your child a cell phone? Wondering what age is appropriate for them to carry one? Sometimes parents just aren’t sure when they should let their young children have a cell phone but hopefully this will help to figure it out.


There is more involved in this than some would think. Although it is convenient for your child to stay in touch with you, there are other things to consider. They have not figured out exactly how much radiation your child gets, seeing as they use their phones so much. They did studies in 2011 but cell phone use by children was not as high as it is now. The FDA says there is no evidence that it will hurt anyone but more studies need to be done.


Sleep is another thing to consider. Most teens keep their phones close while they sleep in case they get a text. This could be affecting the amount of sleep they get and also the quality of their sleep. Sleep affects their schooling, sports and their daily lives. They are still growing and they need enough sleep to make them grow up healthy and strong.


When driving, a teen may pay to close attention to their cell phone. Texting and driving has become a big problem and could put your child in danger. Distracted driving is something you do not want your child to experience. Don’t assume that your child is not talking or texting while driving. Set a good example by not doing it yourself. Lead by example. If they see you talk or text while driving they will think it is okay for them to do. Talk to them often about how dangerous it is.


Children can become obsessed with their smart phone because they can get games, social media and text messaging. There is worry of cyber bulling. This is harassment and can negatively affect your child. They have not studied how it can affect their mental health. Before giving your child a phone, talk about it with them and always keep up with their activities on their cell phones. When your child gets a cell phone it can be tracked by location sharing, so your child is at a risk for stalking.


There are good reasons to get your child a cell phone. They can stay in touch with you at all times. If they are in trouble they can call 911 from anywhere to get help. If your teen’s car breaks down they can call you to get them some help. There is good and bad, so the time that your child should get a cell phone is when you think they are ready.

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