Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

If your significant other has enough money that when they want something they just go to the store and buy it, then you know that buying a present for this person can be tricky. Your gift needs to be unusual or else they have already brought it for themselves or do not want it. It also has to be incredibly luxurious to fit with their upscale tastes. Here are some luxurious gift ideas for your significant other.

Private Island

If your significant other loves spending time away from it all, lying on the beach while working on their tan, then a private island may be the perfect solution. While you can find them in many different price ranges, you may want to consider Portofino Caye in Belize as it comes with a luxurious home, commercial kitchen and many other places for people to stay for $4.5 million.

Cruise Around the World

If your significant other loves to travel and learn about different cultures, then a cruise around the world may be the perfect gift. You and your significant other may be gone for up to three months and visit over 30 different countries. If you are looking for an over-the-top gift, then you might want to consider the Viking Ultimate World Cruise. This cruise lasts for eight months, visits six continents, and you will see 59 countries.


A zoo may be the perfect gift for your significant other if they are an animal lover. You may have to look for a while, however, to find one for sale. As of 2019, there was one zoo for sale in Maine for $14.2 million. This zoo comes complete with over 70 species of animals and all the equipment needed to look for them. It also comes with a Ferris wheel and its own haunted house.


Many people who love sipping wine, think it would be fun to own a vineyard. If this describes your loved one, then it might be the perfect gift. You can find them for sale all around the world, like the one in Templeton, California, that is available as of late 2019 for $8.5 million. It comes with a luxurious home, a private lake, a secluded tasting room, and vacation rental sites.

There are many unique gifts that you can give your significant other if your bank account can afford it. Think about what they enjoy doing in life, and find them the perfect place to do it. You will get a lot of love for your gift-buying decision.

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