How Businesses Can Succeed in the Trump Administration

Donald Trump was recently elected as president of the United States, and love him or hate him, that means there are some pretty huge changes coming in 2017, both for the United States and for the world as a whole. In particular, Trump has some big plans for how he’s going to bring success to the US economy, which means that there will likely be policy changes. Other countries are also expected to react to these changes, which will also affect businesses around the world. While we aren’t completely sure yet how businesses will be affected and exactly what policies will be put in place, here are some basic things that business owners and leaders should be aware of to succeed in the Trump administration.

Creating jobs will be a huge asset.

Trump has talked extensively about how he wants to bring jobs back to the US from overseas and how he plans to create thousands of jobs for everyday Americans. While he has not specified his exact policy plans yet, he has already worked with several large companies to move jobs back to the States from Asia. It seems that creating new jobs will be highly valued and rewarded under the Trump administration, so if your business can create jobs in your community, you may be rewarded financially.

Focus on what your customer wants.

This is a key to success regardless of what is going on in the world politically, but it will be particularly important during the Trump administration. Sometimes when policies change quickly, businesses start worrying about catering to the government and miss the mark on what is actually going to connect the most effectively with customers. By asking customers about exactly what they want and then delivering it to them, you’ll stand out from the competition.


Do something meaningful.

Trump is planning on cutting corporate taxes tremendously, which could really reduce financial pressure put on small businesses. This will also likely mean that existing businesses will have much more money to use as part of their budget. The businesses who will thrive the most are the ones who will use this extra financial stability to really connect with their local communities and do something that’s meaningful to their customers, like offer special new products, host events, or even give back to charity.

Solve problems that are relevant.

In today’s economy, you’ll stand out the most if you can solve a problem that no one else can. Consider how you might change your marketing tactics to address the problems that you solve and how you’ll be more effective than your competition because of it. Two of the things that customers will focus on and value the most during the Trump administration will likely be convenience and peace of mind, so if you can address those things, you’ll be golden.


Although we don’t know exactly what will happen during the Trump administration, businesses will be most likely to succeed by really working hard and connecting with their core customer base.