The 7 AMAZING Benefits of Email Marketing

Have you heard anyone say recently they think email marketing is dead? Don’t worry. Email marketing is still very much alive and well. In fact, there are seven specific reasons why this form of marketing is advantageous.

Gain Credibility

Your subscribers will view you in a positive light when you take your email marketing efforts seriously. This means you must focus on quality content. Pay attention to the real needs of your target market. Focus on solving their problems and your credibility with them will rise over time.

Targeted Segmentation

Today’s trend is to personalize the messaging via email. You can use segmentation to make sure that each subscriber is getting the type of content relevant to their current situation. The result is higher open rates, engagement and sales.

Improve Brand Recognition

An email inbox is viewed as a personal space by most people. You have the opportunity to build your brand’s reputation by sending highly relevant and useful information to your email subscribers.

Create Strong Relationships

Providing personalized information and focusing on writing excellent email copy goes a long way in building better relationships with your audience. You’ll find that your subscribers can’t wait for your next email when you do this correctly.

Increase Revenue

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel for creating clicks directly over to sales pages where you convert visitors into sales.

Metrics That Teach You What Resonates Best

Email marketing allows you to track the metrics that help you understand whether your methods are working. You can then instantly adjust in order to improve your overall results.

Pay attention to your open rates. This tells you whether you have an engaged audience that is interested in getting your messaging. If you see this metric declining, then you know you need to improve either segmentation or the type of content you send.

Your click-through-rate is important. You want to see that subscribers opened the email and then clicked through to where you want to them to go next.

Increase Overall Website Traffic

An effective email marketing campaign allows you to transition a subscriber from reading your email copy over to visiting your website. Your website is where you have the best opportunity to convert sales.

Lead your subscribers to specific landing pages that build upon the story inside each email. Make sure there is an opportunity to purchase. You will increase overall site traffic using this method. More importantly, that increase in traffic will result in increased revenue.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring email marketing. It’s a direct line into the mind of your target market. Use it properly and you’ll see the seven above benefits inside your business.

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