What Steps to Take When You Suspect Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, hospital, or a health professional causes injury to patients through omission or a negligent act. The deviation from the medical standards results from an error in treatment, diagnosis, or aftercare management. Medical malpractice occurs regularly, and over 25,0000 people die every year, while many others are left with non-fatal injuries. Here are a few steps you should take when you suspect medical malpractice.


Consult a different doctor


Your health is your priority, and you should seek proper healthcare from a different doctor when the former doctor is believed to have made an error in treatment. Get a qualified and experienced doctor known for handling the type of medical condition you are facing. To avoid repetition of another mistake, make sure the doctor examines and reviews your records. Before any diagnosis, he should perform tests on you to ensure you get the right treatment.


Ask for your medical records


Your medical record copies are essential when filing a medical malpractice case. The papers have your medical history from symptoms experienced, tests taken by the doctor, medication prescribed, and the doctor’s negligence impact on your overall health. Documenting the incidents and writing a journal can help build up your case. Take videos and photos where necessary, and ensure every information has the right timeline showing what happened before and after treatment.


Do not speak to your Healthcare provider


Avoid any contact with your Healthcare providers. It would be best if you did not threaten or warn them about the claim you filed on medical malpractice. The medical practitioner may end up offering free additional treatment or apologize for the negligence. You can mess up your application when you go back to the same doctor you sued for treatment.


Keep information to yourself, and don’t display it on your social media platforms. Before answering any question from the defendant insurance company, consult your attorney because any word you speak can be used against you.


Seek professional help from an attorney


Hiring an experienced and qualified attorney will help deal with medical malpractice cases instead of working alone. Although medical malpractice cases are complicated, a professional attorney can help you get fair compensation from the defendant. When speaking to the attorney, explain the situation into details and provide him with medical records, journals, and any other document you made to clarify your position. The next step the attorney will do is investigate and collect information to detect the medical error.


Do not keep quiet when you suspect a medical malpractice incident, protect your health, and avoid a statute of limitations. Hire an attorney ready to understand your situation will guide you on the legal options to consider. With the help of a lawyer, you will get full compensation for your suffering and medical expenses.

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