What We Write

We cover a variety of topics here on this blog. One of the things we are most proud of is that our writers are free to express their opinions on the things they think are important. We also aim to share a wide range of viewpoints with our readers in an aim to promote healthy discussion and debate. That being said, there are certain topics that we feature frequently on our blog. You can expect news and opinion pieces on the following:


Local and Global Current Events: We cover the latest happenings around the world, ranging from things here in our hometown, through the US, and into Asia, Europe, and more. Many of our journalism students participate in study abroad programs during their time here, and we encourage them to contribute content to the site that focuses on their own experiences, no matter where they are.


Cultural Commentary: Culture is what keeps our world thriving, and it’s always changing. We encourage our student writers to observe and blog about the things they see and experience in their community. This includes everything from observations about diversity and acceptance to experiences in the arts, entertainment, and travel industries. We love to share the things we care about and promote exciting new events and businesses as well.


Political Commentary: Today’s political climate is nothing if not volatile, which is why we encourage our writers to talk about it. We believe that we will never make progress if we do not work to find change and understanding. You can find plenty of articles here assessing politics and providing an open-minded analysis. Our student writers are diverse and have opinion backgrounds spanning the entire political spectrum, so whether you’re left, right, or center, you’ll want to hear what we have to say.