What Your Nightly Skin Care Routine Should Look Like

If you want to have healthy and youthful skin, then nightly skin care is essential. You might wonder how you should care for your facial and body skin before going to sleep, and here is an assortment of recommendations from skin care experts. Use these five tips to plan your nightly skin care routine.

Tips for Your Nightly Skin Care Routine

Tip 1: Understand Your Skin’s Type

You should understand your skin’s type to choose the proper products for your body and your face. It is possible to have oily, normal or dry skin in addition to having sensitive, combination or acne-prone skin. Your skin’s type can change throughout your lifetime depending on your age along with hormonal changes that can occur during pregnancy or menopause.

Tip 2: Makeup Removal

It is essential to remove your makeup before cleansing your face, but you will want to do this in the correct way. You can find specialized makeup remover liquid products in addition to ready-made makeup remover pads. Make sure to remove makeup carefully and gently to avoid damaging your face’s delicate skin tissues.

Tip 3: Skin Cleansing At Night

Cleansing your facial skin at night is imperative, and you can find a variety of solid or liquid soaps for the process. You should also care for your body’s skin to prevent itchiness or oiliness along with any foul odors. Make sure to use cleansers that are formulated for your skin’s type to avoid irritating your body or facial skin.

Tip 4: Using an Astringent Toner

If you have blemishes or oiliness, then you may need to use an astringent toner to remove additional sebum and oil from your skin. You can use a facial tissue or cotton balls to apply this skin care product.

Tip 5: Application of Moisturizers

To have attractive skin, you should apply moisturizers each night. When you have oily skin, use a lightweight moisturizing lotion, but if you have dry skin, then you should apply a thicker moisturizing cream. In addition to moisturizing your facial skin, you should care for your body’s skin, especially the drier areas that can include the elbows, heels and knees.

How Can You Understand Your Skin’s Type?

If you don’t understand your skin’s type, then you can schedule an appointment with a day spa to have a consultation with an aesthetician. This expert can analyze your skin to help you understand if you need skin care products that are formulated for dry or oily skin. You may also have sensitivity to certain ingredients, especially artificial dyes or fragrances, but you can buy skin care products that don’t contain these substances.

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