Why You Need Video Marketing for Your Business

We live in world where brands are everywhere online vying for the attention of consumers. Additionally, trends are constantly changing and it’s important to understand what’s required to reach your target audience. When it comes to marketing, studies continually point to the fact that video marketing will continue to be a top way in which prospects can be reached. The information below sheds light on specific reasons why you need video marketing for your business.

Video Optimizes Email Marketing Campaigns

The analysis of marketing campaign results have often revealed that video increases engagement, including the number of new subscribers that are gained. There are many ways in which video can be used but adding a video to an email newsletter will increase viewership and click-through rates substantially. For instance, you can include a video that’s instructional on the use of your products or services. This will have a much more significant impact than written instructions.

Conversion Rates are Higher with Video

There are a lot more videos on landing pages of websites for a reason. It’s because they increase conversion rates by more than 75%. This is a compelling reason to consistently add video to website landing pages. Similarly, the use of video testimonials and tutorials is also beneficial to have on different pages of a website. These are important considerations if your goal is to convert leads into customers.

Search Engines Respond Well to Video

The reason why search engines respond well to videos is because they look for content that will keep viewers engaged. Videos are a highly effective way to engage consumers. It’s the reason why YouTube is ranked high in search engines. Putting a video on YouTube drastically increases the visibility of your products and services. The same applies to using video on social media for promotional purposes.

Social Sharing is More Active With Video

If you want people to share your content, you’ll have a much greater chance of that happening if the content includes a video. More than 90% of consumers share videos that they watch on social media. This is especially true when they are watching a video that’s high in entertainment value. A humorous video promoting a product or service is highly likely to be shared by others on social media. If you’re not sure what type of videos to create, consider instructional videos on topics related to your industry.

The bottom line is that video is a great way to market your business. Simply put, there are many ways to promote your products and services using video. If you want to boost engagement with customers and prospects, video is the way to go.

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